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Cotton vs TENCEL™ vs Linen vs Bamboo bedding

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Why our bedsheets are so well loved

Check out why our bedsheets are better than others

Only 100% materials

Made from pure natural materials, be it cotton or Eucalyptus pulp

High REAL threadcount

Premium threadcount for reasonable prices

Certified safe

All our bedsheets are certified safe of harmful chemicals 

Thoughtfully designed

Designed with deep pockets, strong elastic, useful ties and woven tags

Our bestselling bedding for your style

Choose from soft 100% extra-long staple cotton, silky-soft TENCEL™, soft textured French flax linen or our waffle bamboo

We don't sell blended fabrics

Unwilling to compromise on quality, we never blend our fabrics. Choose between our 100% extra-long staple cotton, TENCEL™, 100% French linen or bamboo

Extra-long staple cotton fitted bedsheet set shadow grey
Save 14%