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Our Kapas bedding protectors are...

Cool and breathable

Allows air to circulate freely in warm temperature

High durability

Super strong and lasts for years

Easy to care for

Machine washable and dryer safe

Dustmite resistant

With 3x dustmite protection for peace of mind

Designed with comfort and protection in mind

Made with premium materials that promote breathability while protecting your mattress and inserts from spills!

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified

Created with integrity, keeping the planet in mind. Kapas products is naturally hypoallergenic, odour resistant, and is certified by OEKO-TEX, which means your product are free from up to 350 toxic chemicals.

Bedding protectors - FAQs

A bedding protector is a specialized covering designed to shield your mattress and pillows from dust mites, allergens, spills, stains, and bed bugs. It acts as a barrier, preserving the cleanliness and extending the lifespan of your bedding. Investing in a bedding protector ensures that your mattress and pillows remain hygienic and in top condition for years to come.

Our bedding protectors offer comprehensive protection against various potential threats to your mattress and pillows. They are designed to repel dust mites, allergens, liquid spills, stains, and even bed bugs, providing you with peace of mind and maintaining a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

Yes, our mattress protectors are waterproof. They are equipped with a waterproof layer that effectively repels liquid spills, preventing them from seeping into your mattress. This feature not only protects against accidental spills but also guards against sweat and other bodily fluids, ensuring your bedding remains clean and fresh.

Absolutely! Our bedding protectors are designed for easy maintenance and are machine washable. Simply remove them from your mattress or pillows and toss them into the washing machine for convenient cleaning. This hassle-free care routine allows you to keep your bedding protectors fresh and hygienic with minimal effort.

Not at all! Our bedding protectors are designed with your comfort in mind. They feature soft, breathable fabrics that provide a comfortable sleeping surface without compromising on protection. You'll barely notice the protector is there, but you'll enjoy the peace of mind knowing your bedding is safeguarded.

Absolutely! Our bedding protectors come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different mattress and pillow dimensions.

Installing our bedding protectors is quick and easy. Simply unzip or unbutton the protector and place it over your mattress or pillows like a fitted sheet or pillowcase. Ensure a snug fit, then zip or button the protector closed. It's that simple! For detailed instructions, refer to the product packaging or our online installation guide.